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Registration For Church Screening!!!

Henline Productions is making the Polycarp movie available for church screenings on a love-offering basis. Once you complete the form below we will send a screener DVD, as well as a web link for promotional materials.

After showing the film and receiving the love-offering, send a check in that amount to Henline Productions Movie Two, LLC, 6504 Snider Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140. The cost to produce a period full-feature film is enormous and we need your financial support.

After the screening the pastor or church leader may keep the DVD for their non-public/private use.

If an additional screening is desired please contact us to make those arrangements.

We are currently only able to make this offer in the U.S. and Canada.

Also Available!!!

1. DVDs can be purchased at a discount for resale and used for 1) a fundraiser, 2) to offset event costs, or 3) add to the love offering to further support the Polycarp Movie Project. Purchase 30 for 45% discount, or 10 for 30% off, at our online http://henlineproductions.com/store

2. The Polycarp Movie Study Guide – Ideal for a small group study, or Sunday School lessons, including 7 chapters, each with an online link to the selected scene, an historical analysis of that scene, and a Bible study on the subject of the scene. Go here for more details.

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